After (the workshop) our therapists led internship trainings. Feedback from these was unanimous; more of our leadership participated and were more engaged, relaxed, clear and focused than in years past. Our training with The Moving Platform was instrumental in this transformation. The opportunity to connect, take risks and play together in this unique training led to personal discoveries and brought our group together in lasting ways.
— Karin Bustamante, Maria Droste Counseling Center


Who are they for?

Leaders/ Teams/ Businesses and Organizations

What are they?

Engaging, transformative, connection building group experiences that utilize movement, artistry, perceptual learning and social immersion techniques that offer your Group/Team a unique, synergy building experience.

Tailored to meet your goals and desired outcome with a curriculum that is diverse and responsive and based on years of expertise, research and results working creatively to bring out and about group and individual potential.  

Positively and literally change the way you experience the world.
Improve how you communicate, collaborate, investigate, take risks, challenge and engage.

  • Workshops & Programs
  • Retreats
  • In House Strategies and custom designed Creative Solutions
  • Tools and Resources
  • Continued Implementation Planning for lasting impact

Workshops range from

  • 20 min Sample Class/Experience  -  Full 8 hr session
  • Schedule :  1 x event, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually 
  • Weekend Intensives and Retreats available

Pricing varies based on the scale and scope.

Customized Offerings

Built with specific interest already in mind.
(And we'd love to hear from you if you an idea for a focus you'd like to see!)


BRING IT HOME : Moving the Mission

BBRAVE : Risk Taking for Good

How do these work?

Actively Engage

Workshops and Programs are designed to flip a switch, get you moving, interacting, creating, collaborating, brainstorming and exploring - together.  You'll surprise yourself.  You'll learn hands on creative, proactive and immediately applicable approaches to bring your best self forward in community and collaboration.  

A Synergy Project Workshop.  Focus for this Group: to establish Connection and Familiarity.  

A Synergy Project Workshop.  Focus for this Group: to establish Connection and Familiarity.  

Tailor Your Experience

We begin with Assessments and Interviews to learn more about where you are now and where you want to go - then carefully plan to address the outcomes you want to see.  You’ll get tools and hands on experiences that help you work Together - from the inside out and improve what’s already good while tapping into new and exciting potential.  

+ Transform Group Dynamics

  • Combine Cognitive & Sensory Experiences
  • Gain Confidence & Build Self Esteem
  • Tap into Pattern & Response Mechanisms
  • Participate in Team & Group Visioning
  • Increase Trust & Team Effectiveness
  • Cultivate Self & Group Awareness
  • Improve Focus
  • Increase Emotional & Congnative Intellegence
  • Engage Curiosity & Critical Thinking Skills
  • Grow Power of Observation Skills
  • Experience Collaboration
  • Embrace Risks Taking
  • Find Creative Solutions
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety