The MOVING Platform

Workshops + Trainings + More

Designed for  Professional Groups & Businesses
To  Awaken Creative Potential & Heighten Innovation

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Learn Extrapolating & Deconstructing Techniques

Combine Cognitive & Sensory Experiences

Gain Confidence, Build Self Esteem

Tap into Reaction / Response Mechanisms

Define Your Unique Creative Voice

Improvise & Express in Newly Imaginative Ways

Engage Curiosity & Critical Thinking Skills

Experience Collaboration

Examine Perspective & Increase Powers of Observation

Embrace Risk Taking to Find Creative Solutions

Participate in Team & Group Visioning

Reduce Stress & Anxiety pertaining to Innovation


Kim Olson | Founder + Creator

What I do

I guide groups and businesses toward realizing their greatest creative and innovative potential.


By leading workshops and trainings that unite people in a shared experience to challenge and transform their relationship to creativity, motivation, story and vision.  I also share ideas, offer inspiration and instruction via the Moving Me Blog and coming soon...Free Worksheets.


I get to spend time doing mind blowing, fun work with amazing people who choose to invest in themselves, because they believe there is something more.  I get to do what I do best - investigate, facilitate, explore, and help people feel connected and empowered. And I have the honor of experiencing first hand, the profound aha's, beautiful breakdowns, and slow simmering revolutions of fundamental change - they fuel me and fill me with hope.

My mission

To give you tools, resources and an empowering experience that will inspire your creative genius.