Years ago

I started on a journey to find my creative voice, a relevant expression that would feed and fuel my insatiable curiosities about life and contribute to a greater conversation - What's does it mean to be right here, right now?  

I'm an artist, employing movement, somatics, improvisation, creative writing, spoken word, video, visual image, sound and design.  I love to collaborate.  I'm inspired by LIFE - the human condition - the fascinating, chaotic and beautiful ways we navigate relationship, space and time.   I want to reveal the heart of who we are, what we're capable of and why.  And in doing so, YES make the world a better place.  

A few years in... I've started SWEET EDGE performance project and the work is expanding.  I've also started doing outreach in schools and communities.  But there's an undercurrent... at this point, I've lived and worked professionally in NYC, but the artistic terrain in my new backyard, Colorado, is quite different.   I'm having a minor crisis about the overriding relevance of my work and why, if at all, it matters.

Then the universe steps in - I'm given a new and unusual role as a teacher, and asked to bring my work and process to Educators and Creative Professionals - to introduce them to the value of movement and test the role creativity and motion can play in bringing about positive change in their respective work.  And do it all while learning from other artists and education reformers in a think (action) tank setting.

I  dove in.  It was a chance to connect with my purpose, to research and test ideas in movement and expression, with processes and filters like action/reaction, judgement and perspective.  I had to find ways to engage a wide demographic of people - actively in their own narrative - their own creativity.  And to get to the core of why and how expression, motion and meaning matter to them.

I've now been doing this work for years - creating safe environments, asking difficult questions, and facilitating the risk taking necessary to derive authentic and tangible answers.   The response has been enormous and consistently, profoundly, moving.  These experiments have fused with and has now informed all of my work.  They've led to a love affair with site specific and installation as a platform for deepening immersive experience and engagement.  I now craft learning, performance and creative exchanges through a new lens and appreciation for perspective and impact - collaboration and conversation - because we all, on some level, want to be engaged.

Consistently, I see the same pain points arise when we talk about and move through obstacles that block us from living a fulfilling and meaningful life - feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, disengaged, asleep, out of control, incapable, on some level to create or be the change we so desperately need.  
And we're brilliant at getting by and doing quite well ...  thank you very much. 

THE MOVING PLATFORM organically evolved out of the need to counter these pain points using movement and creative techniques and supportive group dynamics - meeting people respectfully where they are and offering a new path of discovery.  It was borne of a need to expose our resistance, break down barriers, give creative tools and provide guidance to finding a space where transformative change can occur and we can come alive.

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