Mindfulness & Motion

Increase the impact of Mindfulness through Active Engagement and Focus
Collaboration + Synergy + Story + Communication

Designed to work

  • Independently or Symbiotically with(in) existing or burgeoning Mindfulness Programs
  • As an Addition to Group/ Team, Organizational Mindfulness activities


Born out of a desire to harness the power of conscious movement practice to further mindfulness by involving real hands on cooperative learning and experiences that lead us to be more receptive, more compassionate, more creative, better collaborators and problem solvers together, in the moment out of our daily grooves. This is where the good stuff happens, and where growth, engagement and connection is possible.

Offers a unique and specialized, tailored curriculum as an organic next step in mindfulness.  It takes self actualization and the many tenants of mindfulness and gives them practical hands on application with the person standing right in front of you.   Movement opens us to expression and communication –inside and out in ways that words can’t always touch.

Focus on doing and experiencing, learning together – we build trust, take risks and form the synergy and support that allows for further discovery, more creativity and more avenues into successful creativity, communication and collaboration. 
And we do it together.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 7.58.13 AM.png


  • Effective Tools for Active Engagement
  • Heightened Actionable Emotional Intelligence
  • Creative Process and Performance Improvement
  • Improved Collaboration, Trust and Communication
  • Increased Team/ Organizational Synergy and Meaningful Connection

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