Creator & Founder

Innovator,  Artist,  Educator
Transformative Change Leader

Dedicated to helping people explore and realize personal and group potential.  Because we are so much More... Together.


photo:  James Glader
Amazing ... Kim has such a natural way of bringing a group together and encouraging them to open to all kinds of possibilities. I have a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm to create a path toward realizing what my business was always meant to be.
— Aliza Sodos, Owner | Littleton Yoga Center

I'm passionate about bringing people together in uniquely creative ways to explore how we can better connect, collaborate and communicate, in order to have the greatest impact in our own lives and with those we serve in the world.   

THE MOVING PLATFORM was borne out of a creative journey:  20 + years experience working internationally as a teacher, mentor, disrupter, creator, visionary, and (always) student.  I utilize artistry and movement to create unexpected, innovative outcomes, and have produced over 100 public, collaborative and environmental immersive installations, performances and engaging learning experiences.  As the Founder & Artistic Director of SWEET EDGE Performance + Project since 2004, I've employed interactive and collaborative art, dance and performance, improvisation, theatre, kinesthetic movement, aesthetic and somatic awareness, contemplative studies and mindfulness, yoga, creative integration, and cultural/social immersion methodologies.

I'm fascinated and fueled by the human condition and how we navigate life's complexities.  My work's been driven by these curiosities and an imperative to better communicate with and understand ourselves and one another - why we do what we do and what we chose to do with that information.   


No matter where we live, work or breathe
despite age, agenda or success,
regardless of race, creed, economic or social status, 
We share an incredible hunger 
to feel connected, to find and make meaning,
to engage and be engaged - be understood, valued and fully expressed.  
We share common pains and consistent struggles around these issues.

Story and Meaning Matter.  
Compassion and Empathy with the person right next to you,
and the one you may never meet face to face, matters.
Working together to take risks and be brave raises us all.  

Through my work, I've witnessed radical transformations and slow simmering revolutions.  I've seen what's possible when we engage together - through movement and the imagination - with each other to uncover meaning and story in new and unusual ways.  

We come alive.  We connect in ways we never thought possible.  We take powerful steps toward realizing personal and collective potential.

THE MOVING PLATFORM exists to provide a powerful, transformative experience that can launch us in the direction of positive and effective engagement and connect us with something deeper - with our own experiences and with each other.  


Commissions, Affiliates, Contracts

Commissions, Affiliates, Contracts

above photo:  James Glader