SLAM INSTALLATION Immersion Project™ (SLiiP™)

The team Adventure you've been waiting for

Who is it for?

Groups/ Teams and Organizations 

Who want the opportunity to dive into an innovative challenge - work collaboratively and intensively for a short duration - and emerge with a Public or in House installation - a physical manifestation of an innovative idea.

What is it?

SLAM INSTALLATION Immersion Projects are highly engaging opportunities - creatively challenging, rewarding adventures that bring out the imaginative brilliance and collaborative genius in a Group/Team.  Envision and cooperatively build an innovative installation (.  Use a space/place of your choice and design for the audience you desire. We're here to show you how to manifest the vision, and produce a transformative experience, from start to finish.

A short intensive period: 1-4 week innovative adventure for a Core Creative Team.  Your imagination is the Limit!

  • Want a fun way to experiment with or introduce a new product or service to the masses?
  • Interested in showing your thanks or support in a new and unusual way?
  • Want a short and effective collaborative experience to unify your group and breakthrough the pain points associated with communication and cooperation? 
  • Want to make a big splash - a unique creative statement about the innovative genius you and your team possess?

How does it work?

You come to the table with goals - what you'd like to experience, to present or do for you and your group/team, organization or community. You may have a big vision, a little dream, or just some pieces.  You define the scale and scope of the project.  Get crazy or keep it simple.  It's up to you and want you want to achieve.

  • Want to discover hidden creative talents among you?
  • Have a space/ place that needs to be transformed, brought to life or made whole? 
  • Want to offer a meaningful physical manifestation of a vision, a question or project with purpose that'll instigate and radiate conversation and engage?

THE MOVING PLATFORM serves as Creative Consultant, Teacher and Guide -  taking you and your group step by step through the visioning and implementation process of your SLAM Installation Immersion Project.  

We give you the tools, provide frameworks, offer ideas, mentor along the way and help you bring it all to life.

The Experience - You will

  • Immerse yourself in Group Creation, Collaboration, and Risk Taking
  • Brainstorm, experiment and ultimately deploy a meaningful, highly original Installation (which you design)


  • Form connection building tools
  • Recognize and network resources
  • Improve communication and cooperative skills
  • Increase perceptivity and broaden perspective
  • Discover and innovate in new and exciting ways
  • Learn and implement artistic creative techniques
  • Fully engage in collective story making and vision