The expertise and creative journey of Founder, Kim Olson and her 20 years experience utilizing artistry and movement to create innovative outcomes.  She's developed and implemented of over 100 collaborative and immersive installations, performances and engaging learning experiences in the US and abroad.

THE MOVING PLATFORM Workshops/ Programs and Projects are rooted in:

  • Contemplative Studies
  • Mindfulness and Yoga Practice
  • Creative Integration
  • Behavioral Science
  • Cultural/ Social Immersion
  • Art Creation and Performance
  • Kinesthetic Movement
  • Improvisation & Theatre
  • Aesthetic Awareness
  • Somatic Studies
  • Perceptual Learning Models

Exciting and Engaging Practices, Innovative Tools and Methods
That Employ creative, perceptual and aesthetic models in safe and supportive group environments.
Workshops, Programs and Projects offers a path to uncover resistance, reveal and remove barriers, and experience positive group dynamics.  

Why Movement?

Becoming consciously aware of our actions and reactions through movement connects us to greater emotional intelligence and compassion.  Movement is inherent to the Human Condition.  It is our natural state of being and the oldest, most innate form of expression and learning.  We thrive when we play, learn and process in motion.

Movement quickly brings us into a state of presence and heightens experience It creates an open, more unmapped state that unlocks a torrent of connections and imaginative landscapes.  It is the waking place for all creativity and can profoundly effect how we live and work.

Movement helps us find Center, facilitates meaning-making, and reveals what the rational brain can mask - The You without limits.  Movement choices tell the story of who we are, how we got here, and where we are going. How we communicate, hold ourselves and present to the world reflects our inner workings and emotions.  

Cultivating this level of self awareness and active engagement with what connects us to each other, our humanity and beyond is... game changing.

Schools of thought converge on the fact that the experience of one’s self in the world as a cognizant being does not solely emerge from neural activity within the brain. Instead, it involves a complex interplay of brain, body and environment, and the seamless integration of interoceptive, proprioceptive (including vestibular), kinesthetic, tactile, and spatial information.
— Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 2014; 8:205 / National Centers for Biotechnology Information/ US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health