movement for the masses

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Who is it for?

Groups / Organizations / Agencies
Who want to create a unique, enriching experience for a Community or Audience.

What is it?

Creative Immersion Community Projects are visioned and constructed by YOU and your Core Creative Team, with THE MOVING PLATFORM as your guide. These can take many forms (your imagination is the limit) - events/ projects/ or scalable programs.  They can be as large and all encompassing, or small and focused as you like and as your community need defines.  Examples...

  • Looking for a exciting and meaningful way to engage your own community?
  • Interested in showing your thanks, support of and/or involvement in a new and unusual way to your local community?
  • Want to collaborate with new partners and desire a unifying project that merges your audiences? 

How does it work?

You come to the table with ideas, questions and a deep desire to create transformative change and an impactful experience for your community.  You have goals and can perceive the need for such a Project.

You want to work from the inside out - through direct involvement with community and the space/place you wish to affect.  And whether the current vision is big or small, fully or partially formed - we help you get there.

You're fueled by personal experience(s) and curiosity.  You want to create positive change via a powerful, creative and empowering means.  Consider...

  • What would best serve your community?  a one time event? intermittent or ongoing project? 
  • Is there an underserved population in need?  what could you bring/do?

  • Is there a pain point in your community - a need not being met? A potential to build connection?

  • Is there a community space that needs to be transformed, brought to life or made whole?

  • Is there a beauty untapped, genius unrevealed, potential just waiting within?  Can you envision a Project that would bring it to the surface and create lasting change?

We Serve as Creative Consultant, Teacher and Guide

  • THE MOVING PLATFORM takes you step by step through the process of visioning, scaling and implementation your unique Project. 
  • We offer training in the form of hands on workshops, give you tools, provide frameworks, offer resources and support, and mentor along the way to help you bring it all to life.

You and a Team of Your Core Creators will

  • Learn about, generate interest in and serve community
  • Research and explore where and how the Project can have great positive impact
  • Define your Mission/ Vision, scope, scale and overall desired project outcome
  • Actively plan and ultimately deploy and implement the full Creative Immersion Community Project

and along the way, you'll ... 

  • Brainstorm, Connect and Experiment
  • Evaluate, Collaborate and Take Risks to realize goals
  • Recognize and network resources
  • Improve communication and cooperative skills
  • Increase perceptivity and broaden perspective
  • Discover and innovate in new and exciting ways
  • Learn and implement artistic creative techniques
  • Fully engage in collective story making and vision
  • Work as a team and community to deploy a meaningful, original Project

Wall photo by Kim Olson/ crowd photo by Jan Helten/iStock / Getty Images